Bert Mettmann Foundation

We bring light into the dark...

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The Bert Mettmann foundation is a foundation under private law having legal capacity with its headquarters in Berlin.

The foundation's purpose is to promote and support handicapped people, particularly blind persons, welfare institutions for blind people and connected costs and the training of guide dogs and their subsistence in Germany.
The foundation's purpose is particularly realized by the material promotion of other tax-privileged corporations or corporations under public law, by supporting them in particular with financial and tangible means for exclusive and direct use for the aforementioned purposes in terms of § 58 No. 1 or 2 of the German General Tax Code (AO) and the assumption of expenses of blind persons or strongly visually handicapped persons, which are needy in terms of § 53 No. 1 or 2 of the German General Tax Code (AO).

There is no legal entitlement to sponsorship from the Foundation.

The foundation exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes in terms of the section „tax-privileged purposes" of the German General Tax Code (AO).

The foundation is a non-profit organization and does not primarily pursue profitability aims.


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